How to Combat Aggressive Driving

How to Combat Aggressive Driving

Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Simple, but powerful advice. And that’s the advice we hope you take from this article. If you want to know how to combat aggressive driving, then you must first remember that you cannot change how others act, but you can change how to react. And you can be an example for others on the road.

Aggressive driving is one of the biggest road problems in the United States. In fact, 80% of drivers admitted to being angry and aggressive while on the road and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 94% of all car crashes are the result of human error. [1]

Leave The House Early

It’s very easy to become aggressive when you’re in a hurry. But you can always avoid being late and angry on the road by making sure that you have enough time to get from your house to your destination. 

If you’re expecting heavy traffic around the time you hit the road, adjust your time so you won’t have to rush through the traffic, and offend anyone.

Keep Your Distance

Want to combat aggressive driving? Keep your distance.

This is basic traffic etiquette, but a lot of people tend to forget it, especially during heavy traffic. By maintaining an adequate distance from the car in front of you, you can avoid accidentally bumping into it or anger the driver by being too close to his car. It would also be easier for you to change lanes if you need to.

Be Responsible With Your Horn

More often than not, honking irritates other drivers unless it’s an emergency. So if you don’t want to get the ire of others on the road, make sure to tap your horn only when you need it. 

Never blast your horn for a long time to indirectly tell another driver to get out of your way because that could easily result in a heated argument that could put you both in danger.

Park Your Car Properly

Nothing is more frustrating than a car parked on multiple spaces or those that are so close to another that the door could already hit the car on the side. 

In a time when parking is getting harder, you need to be considerate of other drivers and make sure that you’re only parking in one spot and your car is properly parked to avoid hitting the other car with your door or vice versa. You don’t want any drama in a parking lot, do you?

Calm Down Before Hitting The Road

You could’ve gotten into an argument with your wife or you’ve had a pretty rough day at work. Whatever is making you emotional, make sure that you don’t bring that to the road by taking the time to calm down and relax before driving. Remember that road rage causes accidents.

Simply driving while in a bad mood can have life-changing impacts on your health and the lives of those around you.

Finally, it’s smarter to be the bigger person in an argument on the road. If someone offended you or has been aggressive around you, let him be. 

Never make eye contact with angry drivers or give them hand signals. Remember to never respond to aggression to avoid bigger consequences. If you feel unsafe, go to a public place and never go out of your car. 

If you get into a confrontation, try to stay as calm as possible to avoid more drama. Call 911 right away so the matter could be dealt with properly. 

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