Road Rage During the Holidays – Oh Boy Here We Go

Road Rage During the Holidays – Oh Boy Here We Go

The holidays mean more people out and about to go shopping, dine out, or simply enjoy the break. Who knows if the pandemic will change the amount of traffic on the road. The jury is still out on that. But if any of these top road rage states stay open, it could be an interesting holiday season. And no matter what road rage during the holidays will not change, that much is for certain.

The holiday season is a time of packed roads of ordinary folks rushing around. And nothing triggers stress, agitation, or frustration faster than someone rushing around you while you’re rushing around them.

In addition, there are distracted and inconsiderate drivers which further escalate the issue to road rage that can lead to damaging and serious consequences.

During holiday traffic while everyone is out to do their last-minute shopping, tourists, partygoers, and office workers who are desperately trying to finish tasks before the holiday officially starts can greatly affect one’s control behind the wheel. 

To reduce the stress and chances of road rage especially with the upcoming holidays, always stay focused, calm, and alert.

Why Do the Holidays Stress Us Out?

Aren’t the holidays supposed to be times of celebration and merriment? You know, the whole family getting together, drinking warm drinks, eating delicious food and generally enjoying the moment.

So why then is the holiday season considering the most stressful time of the year? According to the psychologist and generally smart people over at Popular Science, it’s not the people, the events, or even the rushing around that stresses most of us out… it’s our perception of those things. [1]

What does that mean for you? It means that road rage during the holidays can also be avoided by simply changing your perception.

Remember that everyone else is stressed, or overwhelmed and that we all need a little patience from those around us sometimes.

How To Avoid Road Rage During The Holiday Rush

  • Do not respond. When confronted with an aggressive driver, just do not respond and let it go. Do not make eye contact and never respond to aggression with aggression. Do not make provoking gestures and contact 911 instead if you feel that you are threatened.
  • Be considerate and forgiving. Do not take it personally and think that the other motorist is just going through a rough day. Take a deep breath if you notice that you start being angry.
  • Stay focused and calm. Even if you feel exhaustion or frustration, do not engage with other angry drivers on the road. Listen to soothing music or to your favorite podcast to relax your mind. Rubbing lavender, mint, or vanilla-scented essential oils also has calming effects. Next time consider adding car fresheners of these variants to put you in a relaxed and refreshed mood. These add-ons are highly recommended for long travels.
  • Do it online. Lastly, instead of going out shopping or spending time with friends out of your house, you have the option to do online shopping or have fun in the comforts of your home. This will not only save you time but keeps you safe from road range, vehicle damage, injury, and hefty medical expenses.

How to Be an Effective Driver During the Holidays

Always follow traffic signs, traffic laws, and road signs.

  • Make use of your blinkers before making a move to change lanes. Always allow other motorists to know your move before making an action. A sudden change of lane without signaling can cause other drivers to feel angry.
  • Do not tailgate and allow at least 4 seconds of lead time between your car and the vehicle ahead.
  • Plan your trips before heading out. Know traffic situations, alternative and not so popular routes to avoid traffic jams.
  • Never be tempted to accelerate your speed even if you are in a hurry. Stay within the recommended speed limits as getting to your destination safely is more important. To avoid the urge to over-speed or beat the red light, then better leave early to avoid traffic jams.

Road safety is what we should bear in mind at all times. Even if you cannot control how other motorists and drivers behave behind the wheel, you have the power to control how you respond to the situation. Holidays are meant to be celebrated happily and memorably instead of facing undesirable road incidents.

Learn to stay calm during the holiday season, and learn to avoid road rage where possible. From everyone here at Stop Aggressive Driving, we hope you have the happiest of holidays… with as little stress as possible!

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